Have you always thought about finding those business tips that nobody shares with you? The ones that you always wanted a mentor to tell you, because you were super confused with THIS one thing or THAT one thing?

Always wondered about being super productive but like that typical Type A Personality, it’s always all or nothing?

Technology has been growing a whole lot, there are too many tools to follow, and you need ONLY those that work?

Or just super stuck in your career, don’t know how to proceed, or brimming with ideas, not knowing where to go from here?

Man, you’re SO at the right place.

You know what. I have been there too; right where you are.

  1. Stuck in a career rut, felt like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and didn’t know how I could get out from there. I was a banker before I became an IT and Business Strategy Consultant (Can you even imagine that? Sometimes, even I can’t *embarrassed smile!*)
  2. Brimming with business ideas, but did not know how to take the first step, or how to even start, how to plan, where to find resources, how to make money. Well, I always had these brilliant ideas but didn’t know what to do with them!
  3. My productivity always revolved around making a super efficient productivity plan and following to a T. Then, I broke my foot and I was stuck in bed for days. My productivity plans went conveniently out of the window!

And then….

*cue for drum rolls please*

I left everything. I left my job in banking, was jobless for a few months and broke. I wanted something meaningful in my life. I found a job that suited me, that suited my skill set, and that put my creative, nerdy brain to work; double time!

I then left a very senior role as an enterprise applications consultant. Because I still felt my life was unfulfilling. I then went headlong into an entrepreneurial venture, to make it work.

I also discovered my productivity tools and plans that work for me, do not question my OCD, but also help me battle with my inner productivity demon.

I struggled. And worked hard. And learned a lot. And made several mistakes on the way.

I also found several friends and family who helped me with all of these transitions.

I built my niche over time. And these are some of the things that I talk about and consult on, on a regular basis:

  1. Business Reengineering and Digital Transformation of Organizations
  2. Career Planning and Development
  3. Business Planning and Management
  4. Project Management and Establishing Effective Project Management Practices
  5. Implementing, Analyzing and Designing Enterprise Applications as well as other Tech Tools and Products

AND, I want to use all of this knowledge and struggle of ELEVEN years and help you!

I know the struggle is REAL!

But why should you not have the opportunity to learn from the learning curve instead of experimenting with your LIFE? 

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