My Goals for 2018 and my Vacations Plan!

This year is coming to an end. With 2018 right around the corner and 2017 ending on a positive note, I have developed some major personal and professional plans. Some things I’d like to carry over from 2017 and some I’d like to cultivate in the new year. Some of my plans include taking at least 2 vacations during the year as well. If you know me personally, you’d know that I have been one of those people who NEVER takes a vacation, but I have realized the utility of them when I took three this year. The catch is to completely break away from technology.

Coming back to plans, here are the ones I am actively planning for these days.

Professional Plans: 

  1. Building my personal brand name as a consultant digital transformational and business reengineering consultant. For this, I need to work on my public pages, online image, as well as on my blog. Its quite girly right now, and it needs a professional overhaul. I also need to work on my content as well as my social media presence.
  2. Building on two professional blogs as my Plan B, other than myself as a consultant. These are two secondary business plans that need their separate business presence, online presence, content and marketing. They are my active plan B, as a fall back in terms of money generation.
  3. Working on a couple of certifications/extra study. I have signed up for some courses at CourseEra and want to sign up for a Master’s Degree as well. This is quite tentative as, given my schedule, I can study from home, but having a strict study pattern with external classes is looking quite difficult right now.

Personal Plans: 

  1. Take two major vacations in the new year. I intend to visit my best friends in Singapore and UK, as well as visit Turkey. Now I know I cant squeeze all of that within a single vacation so I want to break it down into two big ones. Also, perhaps a third where a few friends are asking me to come to Dubai.
  2. For that, I am working on building a fund which can help me travel. There are a couple of long-term money goals as well, but for 2018, I have a goal of amassing at least 300k-400k for the purpose of travelling to these countries. I am not much of a shopaholic, but I would like to experience these cities – AKA money needed. Right now, I am working on three projects which is 12-14 hours during most days of the week, but I still need a sound investment plan.
  3. Lose weight. This has been my standard goal since forever! Can’t say more than that on this. If you are a woman, you’ll understand!
  4. Minimalism. This is something I have struggled with and I think a lot of us desis do. I want to be able to specify the minimum requirement for me based on which  I want to live and let go of the rest. This includes physical, mental as well as emotional clutter.

So far this is it. What are your goals for 2018?

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  • December 26, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Noor, I opened this one after seeing vacation in the title. Have fun buddy!!


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